Generate More Returning Visitors

8 Surprising Ways To Generate More Returning Visitors to Your Site

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Returning visitors are the cornerstone of any successful website. They are much more likely to remain customers, making repeat visits and buying more products. But if you’re not paying attention, it’s easy to overlook the importance of returning visitors. These visitors account for a small percentage of your site traffic, but they have a huge impact on your bottom line.

If you aren’t already working to drive returning visitors back to your site, now is the time to start – and these custom audiences tips will help you get there quickly.

Show ads to visitors who didn’t convert

If a user doesn’t convert on their first visit, they probably weren’t ready to buy. Perhaps the timing wasn’t right. Maybe the product wasn’t what they needed. But if you show these potential customers ads again, they may be more likely to choose your product the next time they visit.

When you reach out to these people with retargeting ads, you’re reminding them of your brand. This increases the likelihood they will choose your product if they return to your site. The key is to tailor your ads based on what you know about these visitors. If someone came to your site and left without buying, you probably have some idea why. Reach out to these people with ads that address their specific concerns. You’ll increase the likelihood they will buy on their next visit.

Email your most recent visitors

If someone has visited your site, you have a chance to get them back. Send a targeted email to your most recent visitors. Depending on the length of their visit, you can either ask them to come back to your site or give them a discount code.

By offering a discount code, you can bring back visitors who might not have been ready to buy last time. You can also give visitors a chance to buy something they wanted but didn’t buy the first time they visited your site. These visitors may have been distracted or simply forgot to buy something during their last visit. By offering a coupon or special offer, you can bring them back to your site and increase your sales.

Send ads to visitors who leave your site

You may not be able to get everyone to stay on your site, but you can try to get as many of them back as possible. Send ads to people who leave your site but don’t convert. This is especially helpful if your site has a high bounce rate.

People who leave your site without buying may have been put off by something you said or displayed. Send them an ad reminding them of your product and why it’s a good choice for them. You can also show them the part of your site that caused them to leave. By addressing their concerns, you can help them make a buying decision the next time they visit your site.

Use ad extensions for returning visitors

You can use ad extensions to push your visitors to take action. You can also use ad extensions for visitors who have visited your site before. These are visitors who are already familiar with your brand and products.

You’re likely to see higher click-through rates with these visitors than you would with new visitors. You can add extensions to your existing ads that focus on actions your visitors can take. You can also create new ads designed to appeal to returning visitors.

You can also use ad extensions to include special offers or discounts only available to returning visitors. This can give them a reason to come back to your site and buy more products.

Rotate ad copy for returning visitors

If one ad isn’t bringing in the results you want, try changing it. If one ad isn’t bringing in the results you want, try changing it. You can also test different ad combinations or ad extensions to see which ones are most effective with your returning visitors.

By testing your ads, you can find the combinations and ad types that work best for your site. This will help you increase your return on investment (ROI) and increase the number of returning visitors to your site.

Summing up

If you want to see increased sales and return customers, you have to capture their attention and keep it. Those who visit your site and don’t buy have their reasons, and you need to work to figure out what they are and address them.

Once you know what their issues are, you can start a retargeting campaign to bring those people back to your site and start making sales. Use these tips to do just that and drive more returning visitors to your site so you can boost your revenue and bottom line.

Now you know how to drive more returning visitors to your site and how important they are to your business. It’s time to put these tips into action and start bringing people back to your site.